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AMP Magazine: Divest

February 24, 2011

That’s one of my all-time favorite records streaming on AMP’s website!  So glad others get a chance to hear it.  I first discovered Divest while thumbing through Coheed and Cambria liner notes.  I can’t remember if they were thanked in Second Stage Turbine Blade, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, or both…  but I looked ’em up and found myself on a beautiful website with free MP3 downloads of “Brand New Lie,” “Open Door Revelation,” and “Saving Prescription.  Of course, I grabbed ’em.  The songs were so good, I could not stop listening to them!  Still to this day they’re in my top 15 scrobbled MP3s (which only goes back to mid 2005).

Divest at CBGB by Nicole Terpening

May 2005 I had the opportunity to interview Weerd Science at CBGB and met his keyboard player/producer, Dave Parker, who was also Divest’s guitar player since they formed in the 90’s as Brain Fuck Daddy.  Turns out Josh Eppard played in the second era of BFD/Divest, Bleed Theory (they changed their name the last time for a bunch of reasons, one being that Bleed Theory got BANNED from playing CBGB for being too rowdy) before he joined Shabutie.  So from that interview I learned a bit of how deeply intertwined the musical relationships in their family was.  I got hooked on the whole “scene” and finally got the chance to catch a live Divest show 2 months later in Poughkeepsie.  I was shocked to see that the line-up was almost completely different than years earlier when I first stumbled on the band.  I recognized half the members from elsewhere.  The bassist was Sean-Paul Pillsworth from Anadivine.  The second guitarist was Joe Maggio from The Brothers of Decadence.  The drummer was Nate Kelley, a founding member of Shabutie.  Anyway, Joey Eppard opened up for that Divest show, Divest rocked hard…  and then they were never to be heard from again.

At least, not in that form.

Dave Parker joined Josh in Coheed and Cambria on keyboards.  Morgan and Nate pursued their project, Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch.  Sean-Paul Pillsworth and Dave Parker formed Counterfeit Disaster.  Throughout the course of Counterfeit Disaster– BFD/Bleed Theory/Divest’s David Bodie, Zac Shaw, Joe Maggio, Josh Eppard, and Kurt Brown were members.  Bodie and Dave Parker were collaborators on the MATH project.  Josh Eppard and Dave Parker continued working on Weerd Science and recorded a second LP.  Kurt, Josh, and Dave Parker formed Mours.  Morgan began a solo/collaboration project, Walking Bombs, and Kurt Brown was among the guest musicians.  Zac and Joe Maggio formed Ads. uhh…  I think that’s all the collaborative work those dudes have done with each other since.

So as I said below… Morgan is now in Antidote 8.  Bodie is in Kayo Dot.  Dave Parker is in The City Never Sleeps.  That’s just the latest on the Ghost Town Reckoning album line-up.  As for the rest of the dudes…  Josh is in Terrible Things and is gearing up to release that second Weerd Science album.  Zac Shaw is in Dead Unicorn.  Sean-Paul is in Nightmares For A Week.

Well Ghost Town Reckoning was recorded in 2003 at Applehead Studio in Woodstock, NY with Chris Bittner, Michael Birnbaum, Danny Illchuck, and Dr. Know of Bad Brains.  Enjoy the stream!  If, for some reason, it’s not there-

Reblog via athousandtorches:


the unreleased Divest record we shared with you in the beginning of the month is now also streaming in full on the AMP Magazine website.  Listen while you can, you can’t buy it anywhere!

Current projects:

Morgan Evans (vocalist) – Antidote 8

David Bodie (drummer) – Kayo Dot

Dave Parker (guitar) – The City Never Sleeps

chat about Divest around the campfire

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