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Most Visited Pages on in February 2011

March 2, 2011

Wow, we’re in March already!  A Thousand Torches is still in development, however, all of the content up there is permanent.  The look and feel will change, but the skeleton will remain.  It’s a rather large project, and I’m happy to see it growing and transforming before our very eyes!  Thefamily3 Community and Fan Resource has been an idea for quite some time, but I began to plan it out in 2008.  Initially, I used some of the cash I got from working with Metal Blade Records to snatch up some webspace.

From the get-go, I ran into a string of issues…  the awful customer service the web-hosting company provided to my own limitations.  Toward the end of that year I found myself deeply involved in Josh Eppard’s evolving rock project, Mours.  I spent about 2 months in the studio with that group, day-to-day managing while they got off the ground.  Then as our collective focus shifted to the completion of Weerd Science’s Sick Kids record, I began booking tour dates in addition to the publicity, PR and web that I had been responsible for.  It wasn’t until April 2010 that I was able to re-approach the A Thousand Torches concept.

Tumblr’s free, and the archive display page is so incredible…  it felt like a great place to start off again.  I had already been utilizing my own Tumblr page for 15 months.  Seemed like a logical place to just start from scratch, again.

With a brand new approach, I just kept writing and posting.  As the tumblelog began to catch steam, I began asking for donations to bring the content to its own base as well as bring the whole thing to the next level- the forum.

As of right now, the concept of the sections is difficult to understand.  With the design will come clarity.  The front page will eventually feature a search bar that will allow for inquires throughout the entire website.  Currently, the search bars only pertain to the respective sections.  Everything’s listed in Google though, so if you’d like to search across the Campsite Community (forum), Den (news articles / encyclopedia / archived interviews & articles from other sources), or Tumblelog (various media posts / snippets of information / reblogs)- just type “” plus whatever you’re searching for.  Check it out, try putting in “3”

It’s fucking cool.  3 and Kiss Kiss searches can totally be narrowed down, for the first time!  No need to even put in “theband3.”  Just “3” along with the “”

Without further ado, here’s the 15 most popular spots on A Thousand Torches in February.  Oh, minus the few days the monthly bandwidth was exceeded.  I had to upgrade the hosting plan!

1. Campsite
2. Tumblelog
3. aKt Exclusive: Divest – Ghost Town Reckoning Full Unreleased Album Stream
4. Den: Terrible Things – The Journey So Far
5. Tumblelog: Coheed and Cambria – “Time Consumer” live video 2002
6. Campsite: Upcoming Concerts (post about thefamily3 shows here!)
7. Den
8. Den: What Is A Tumblelog?
9. Campsite: Vuvuzela at 2 Alices
10. Campsite: Kayo Dot European Tour
11. Campsite: Weerd Science, MC Lars, MC Chris, Akira The Don at ABC2
12. Campsite: The Family 3
13. Campsite: Weerd Science’s May 2011 UK Tour Dates
14. Den: H.R. & Dr. Know Interview 1981
15. Den: Coheed and Cambria Guitarists Talk UK Tour (interview)

to donate: Support aKt

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